animation: mask, 2017

photo series: mask, 2017

performance: 15/10/17 - splitting the atom xxxix, green door store, brighton (uk), photos and video by agata urbaniak

photos by isabella barter 

photos by naddy sane 


 performance: 12/10/17 - modern panic viii, apiary studios, london (uk), photos by ros pau

photos by naddy sane

photo series: flight, 2017

performance: 24/09/17 - grotto promotions: treighte radio 6 (ie), photos by  michal spigiel

performance: 23/09/17 - grotto promotions: resonances 24, linnet inn, boho (nie),

 photo by claus elsing jensen 

 photos by michal spigiel

 performance: 22/09/17 - grotto promotions: resonances 23, mcginnties, cavan (ie), photos by michal spigiel

21/09/17 - grotto promotions: resonances 22, edge hunters, dublin (ie), photos by michal spigiel

photo: sirius / legends of dog headed men, 2017

photo: untitled, 2017

photo series: untitled, 2017


performance: 08/07/17 - the madd cabaret, hive dalston, london, photos and video by naddy sane, edited

performance / installation:.../07/2017 goldsmiths, university of london (uk)

performance: 14/06/17 - br/exorcism, antiuniversity now festival, st. augustine's tower, hackney, london (uk)

photos by thomas johnson

photos by naddy sane

performance: 07/06/17 - metempsychosis, run collective presents: ill art/therapy room, anyways, london (uk)

performance: 07/06/17 - election maggot race, lords of the hedonist presents: snapped neck election, vinyl deptford, london (uk)

performance: 04/06/2017, psychosonic action lab, london (uk)

photo: drawing/thoughtograph, 2017

photo: uninvited guest, 2017

performance: 30/06/2017 - seance/concepts of semen, pillow for a brick / group exhibition,
goldsmiths university of london, london (uk)

photo series: untitled portrait, 2017

stills from failed performance for video, 2017

performance: 13/04/2017 - ev tv 09, amersham arms, london (uk) photo and video by joie so hryggur

photos by naddy sane

performance: 04/02/17 - supernoise², aarhus (dk).  photos by naddy sane


luke jordan art

luke jordan art

performance: 28/01/17 - eam 2801, vinyl deptford, london (uk) photos by calum f kerr

luke jordan art

performance: 12/01/17 - ev tv vs dgm, amersham arms, london (uk) photos by yasmin akim

photo: untitled, 2017