Luke Jordan 

I work between live art, text, sonic art, sculpture, installation and their documentation; often combining many of these elements in anomalous configurations and hybrid entanglements.

I speculate upon the ontological relationship between the human and non-human, materialist and non-materialist metaphysics and beyond, through the psycho-physical process of creation, immersion, and fatal meetings between objects / entities, approaching ontological destabilisation and disintegration. 

I conduct direct experiments, merging art forms within sites of performance and installation, which are conceived as laboratories, testing grounds for:

The poetic inter-relationship of entities, and their spectres; be they, a human, dirt, words, a mattress, a sculpture, a room, a sound etc. 

The development of unformed narratives; entities containing a multitude of other entities which are in the process of formation, mutation, dissolution and reformation    

The creation of viscerally affective multisensory experiences, breakthroughs of the anomalous, opening labyrinthine passages of communication with the unknown.  


I have performed and exhibited work at various sites including:

ICA London (UK), Arnolfini Bristol (UK), Modern Art Oxford (UK), Oxford Brooks University (UK), University of Cambridge (UK), Chelsea College of Arts (UK), Byham Shaw School of Art (UK), Birkberk University (UK), Gallery 46 (UK), Area10 Project Space (UK), Almanac Projects (UK), Cafe Oto (UK), Ruby Cruel (UK), The Auxiliary (UK), Resonance 104.4fm (UK)

festivals and events including:

CREATurE Live Art (LT), Performance Crossings (CZ), Carbonarium (UA), Primal Uproar Festival (DE), Supernoize Festival (DK), Future Ritual (UK), Noise=Noise (UK), Liminality (UK), Antiuniversity Now Festival (UK), Squash & Stretch (UK), Corroding the Now: Poetry + Science|SF (UK)

residencies at:

Ruby Cruel (UK), The Auxiliary (UK)

text and photographs published in:

Emergency Index 2019 (US),  FACTORY #1 (UK), Squash & Stretch Texts (UK),  Rapsodia (IT), Ground Magazine (DE)

Since 2013 I have instigated various experimental performance and sonic art events in London, from 2017 as Psychosonic Action Lab.