speed, 2020


motorized zoom detachment of the eye
insubstantial communication
transmission of light and electricity
immaterial static gnawing at my nerves
set design polytechnic institute
purgatorial grey haze facilities
assumed solidity authority encoded
rigid objects of a discarded system
slab block delusion
sudden violence distorting geometries
stripped of sense bent down against the wall
throbbing in rhythm fatigue the structure
ecstatic flesh gushing through the cracks in the concrete
drifting forms dissolve at the moment of creation


the house opposite yours
coherence of interiors
troubled domestic spaces embedding the past
re-enact a strange scene
parasites and predators devoured every noise
lifeless dismembered
expressions of anxiety
true to their shapes
everyday cruelty

the old england 2019


real space that dark zone at the lower edge demons teasing dissecting-room humour open-mouthed
unable to speak unmentionable presence within my body articulated clay figure fettered dusty suit
constricting cell of my flesh deteriorated state of collapse empty houses dormitories of my bones
deserted streets debris of journeys


woolworth's face twisted tongue rant pinhole whistle moving strings wire fences delivered pink scaled lies antique site descriptions late auto-erotic carpet fixture cheap wigs painted plastic eyes
smothered instruments collective chemical cosh victorian grocery shopping stored organ cream frothy white mass plain mask

derelict bodies 2019

sick room / unseen chance and whispering dread / dumb immobility / stumbling between the beds / peeling back the sheets / baptizing the sleeping earth / lay beneath them / lids down / undreaming / pandemoniac / victims of delusion / clothed in flesh / unmarked and unremembered / rattling breaths / shudder of organs / standing erect / pretty lunacies / crack natures molds / leg rotted off / descending again / broken down / motionless / sitting in the dark / obliterated / he did not know / conquering boredom / seeing ghosts / shadow side / spider legged / endless machines / swarming / threshing / unbroken, uninterrupted wail / tangled in the weeds / brought his body to the surface / corpse smell / bitter shadow / subterranean sighs / fatal end

incubator of abandoned time 2019


time creeps along
to sweep the dust behind the door
sluggish mind
unconsciously gripped
dragged-out terrors
to the puritan all things are impure
lighted rooms inside your head
through the shadow
through the dwellings
invade the borders
rapid rattle / right rhythms
the landscape breaks up
the enemy you killed

dimness of the kitchen
spoons on the floor
other words / a set of objects
thought otherwise
voice organ
voice cracked
a gaping void
mouth askew
lips barely moving
repeating the words
rubber tube
hold my tongue

in their capital
mind employed in discharge
mortgage religion
a world I never made
enclosed page(s)
a little piece of everything
much possessed
but not moments of disgust

mud sisters / beast with two backs
unseen, unborn, unknown
child of dirt / a master spirit, embalmed

explanations of things that never happened
penetrate the mirrored glass
reflection of the light
unsubstantial realms
burned into consciousness
his eyes fall out as you dissolve
find the holes
go out into darkness


damn clocks
the house is empty
immobile in the darkness
prays to the spirit of the place
faith in mirrored panes
the house rattles violently
carry knowledge in junk
safer than the known way
a dog walking on its hinder legs
lays eggs in a paper bag
drops of saliva
words are born by riddling
an image decomposed
sinking deeper into the mud
everything was damp
things that look solid have an elasticity
voices from outside
nerve fibre
high-tension wires
tearing fabric
fear in his dreams
bite into reality

ghosts of aldeburgh 2019

spinning spitting stars
lost in the desert
miniature people
hunchbacks dancing
roll up, roll up
bulging eyed man smoking a fat cigar
unplanned escape attempt
life in the trenches
alien eyed flora
lizards crawling in the skin, the body ripped in two, disintegrating, blown away by the wind
nails like animated sea shells
lingering paranoia of the waves
birds talking in human voices
a man eating stones

forgotten 2019

safeguard sanatorium
moral judgement
dining-room fresh / sheerest commonplace
lighted lamp above a flat table
set objects / like shadows
seem to follow us

autonomous movement / living object
tender product / fragile toy
split in two
revealing a soul

i’m falling over luggage
geometry of shadows
ray of light / grown dark
slipping away / beyond the sun

rooted in life / contaminated by the shadow
our folly
fragments of humanity / fabric of relations
unpredictable rhythms
unclean traffic / only forms of depravity
miasmic growths / troubling sense
absorb it
forgetting all we know
closing the door behind him

the super-bright gloom 2019

fighting over a hanged man / bloated body / empty building / in the gloom / terminal erection / rendered / super-bright / the glazed eyes of a somnambulist / lifting the covers like a toilet seat to piss in the bed / or maybe on the carpet / the corner of the room / the half-forgotten world of dust and crumbs / lost in abject landscapes / house of dust / decay-apparently / thrown aside / a dishrag of dead jism / or injected or frozen / collected in jars / or in the offal of an ancient sheath / used condom / their ectoplasm / or radiant orgasm / orgone / barely remembered / stuck together magazines in landfill or sitting in the cabs of diggers or ploughs on top of the rubbish dump / temple / hiding in darkness / the outer face behind us / masked / leering / Janus headed masturbator / a dead rabbit, a dead boy / the bodies burnt / eyes melted / two spirits escape through an irrigation pipe into the electricity grid / covered in lead based make-up mirrors and asbestos contaminated talcum powdered walls / boiled in a gas bath / cyanide pills in the wallpaper / unhidden / foaming bath mouths rabid / cabinets labelled ‘British Moths’ / pinned / folded over folded back doubled over doubled back / arching / a portrait in hell / unearthed objects of humanity / defiled and purified / non-euclidean labyrinthine passages / devoid of centre / and was it the head of a man long dead, that raised itself out of the mire?

desire 2018

wanderings of desire / escaping from the immediacy / empty / repetition of remorse / unearths the significance / lost / after the act / lost reason

memories 2018

when I was trapped in that dream that I'd had before
An anomalous entity enters the room in the shape of a man
a translucent form bending light around and within it
stands at the foot of the bed
violent pulsing attacks the brain
down alleyways small deformed creatures crawl and writhe over one another at the borders
tiny stones and detritus vibrate, grow long spindly legs and begin to walk around
on the rooftops of housing blocks and in the sky formless indescribable shapes appear
my finger tips are shrieking hummingbirds
we are walking on snakes

slaughter in the jungle 2018

in the jungle guards fire from the watchtowers onto the passengers waiting for a train on the platform below
the train arrives with the ghosts of the previously slaughtered
passengers alight at this station
the ghosts of the recently deceased now board the train
the train leaves the station

clutter 2018

brighten up that dreary old house / having clutter can make you disorganised / human nature and detritus form compositions / in the museum / order of collected animals / within those worlds, other worlds

outside of social order / you are filth / stinking exhalation / rehearsal of germ warfare / unclean spirits

beyond human time / faceless spectral threat / an anonymous legion faces the enemy / harvesting antimatter in the conference room / denser darkness / blackness of the unborn / hermetic super-embryology / unknown dark bodies crossing the disc of the sun / screams of an exhilarated mathematician / into the future of this past / increase in entropy / a landscape of ghosts / erasing the tape / abandoned set of futures

curtains 2017

mad animal
climbed into the ditch
sunken eyes
gurgling throat / choked with refuse
matted hair / rotted bones
dictator of rats / captives taken

behind the curtains / the outside howls
clouds of solidified smoke
truth of knowledge / theatre of representation
inside / almost invisible
dead silent
such purity / left no bones

mask making 2017

enter the sewage system / writhing and crawling mass / a rat-king worn upon the face as a mask

dear... 2017

dear warm plastic flesh / private cell / fluorescent brightness
artificial and cruel utopia
imaginary sex organs / live out vulgar poetry / theatrical abnormality
gaze of the audience / fragile theatre of surfaces
disembodied stage life / a dangerous kind of dreaming
counter-creation / I chose not to live

seance 2016

faithless speech / dissociated and denatured /  overlapping personae / sinister fusion
without a face
spectral voices / lost selves
who is speaking? / self unmanifested / rotted mouth
eat her flesh / tissue of symbols / carnal knowledge
human time / acid-free / domestic interiors / unresolved anxieties
real or imagined / double limitation / lasting ghosts
dissident sitters / undressed / disturbingly fetishized / involuntary laughter
concepts of semen / sticky stumbling block / blind man
seed-soul / vehicles of spirit / sublimed matter / bodily wastes
medium oozes / spitting or leaking / ectoplasmic masks / reabsorbed
white of egg / viscous skeins / shapeless / beyond figuration
outer darkness / lunar eclipse / outward form / inward processes
sovereignty of vision / blind eye / probing interior / fantasies visible
erotic figures / body of the medium / into the wounds / primacy of touch
base reality / flesh rises / freak productions / creatures of chance
anti-self / enfleshed fragility / personal apocalypse
wrongs of the past / dematerialised / memory itself / rushing noise
savage spectacles / state violence / urgency of control / reality of flesh
apocalyptic sublime
raging demiurge / bald animal / class hatred / summoned realities
nations fall / unknown languages / spell of exclusion
paranoid territory / transitional / state between worlds
fractured consciousness / shaping the forms / welter of representations
“The images are not alive.” / only semblance
spectral incarnations / perfect fabrications / false flesh / freshly imagined
flash of thought / passages of moments / invented memories / ever repeating

stranger 2016

shape of a stranger / unknown enemy / empty thing / full of noises
monstrous and abject body / uncontainable grotesque
flesh of their magic
fanged avatars / bestial / we can begin to feed
in the sewage system / patrolling contamination / teeming world / filth and greed / borrowed sorcery
spread fingers / crick-crack / liminal straddling / borderless / ungovernable realm / beyond reach
sight expires / confront fear / conjure realities
overcoming fear /our own darkest face undone

time of evil 2016

voices from the depths / stench rises / troubled sky
eat their words / GET HIS NERVES / use the electricity
Inflammatory images / city's memory / virtual revolt / mask to fall
crime for crime / passion possessed / saved or damned / light withdrawn
national infection / social disaster / groundless panics / to fight abstraction
frightful shapes / social forms / grotesque dance / intrinsically ugly
GET HIS NERVES / use the electricity
disordered soul / psychic entity / troubled body / allowed to grow filthy
victim swells / clog the streets / drain abscesses collectively
little corpses / miserable objects / little corpses / dead vermin / little corpses / denying everything
GET HIS NERVES / eat their words