In Nihilum

02/03/2020 - 07/03/2020

In Nihilum brings together six international emerging artists: Hannah Archambault, Ellen Barratt, Camilla Hanney, Luke Jordan, Eloise Lawson and Hannah Walton. Their artworks conjointly reinvestigate the Genesis creation myth against the contemporary backdrop of global environmental crisis. Examining the idea of myth, artistic divinity, and relationship to nature, In Nihilum aims to draw a parallel between the creation of the world and the creation of art.

Accordingly, upon the exhibition opening on March 2nd, the works of all six artists stand united in the Swiss Church. Respectively embodying the accomplishments of every day of creation, the six bodies of work will be removed, one by one, day by day, until we find ourselves in an empty space.

Through the physical removal of artworks, In Nihilum reverses the Genesis narrative. The gesture serves as a metaphorical visualisation of the process of the destruction of nature, spirituality and myth. As God created the world ex nihilo [from nothing], the exhibition is created in nihilum [into nothing]. Despite this emptiness, it still leaves hope: once the space [the universe] is emptied of art [nature], it returns to its original function as a Church, a symbolic place of faith and redemption.

Curated by Francisca Portugal, Pia Zeitzen and Aleksandra Shevchenko

photos by naddy sane


photos by luke jordan