Luke Jordan Incubator of Abandoned Time

incubator of abandoned time, ruby cruel gallery, london (uk)

exhibition: 10/10/2019 - 13/10/2019  (soon to be updated with sound / video / photos)

'Inter-disciplinary artist Luke Jordan takes up residency for 13 days within Ruby Cruel, a new creative space taking shape in a former barbershop and dwelling in Hackney. Collaborating with its objects /  entities and spectres he will create a new immersive artwork in which the deep past, immanent present and distant future merge and dissolve and new unstable forms coagulate, spawning hypnagogic anomalies, ectoplasmic excretions, spectral affects, dissipated and derelict bodies. The public will be invited inside the rooms to explore its cavities, detritus, sculptural and sonic artefacts, live and pre-recorded experimental electronic decompositions, spoken word incantations, unintelligible vocalisations and intra-acting entities in communication with the unknown.

Opening event: Thursday October 10th, 6.30 - 9.30pm

Exhibition runs 3 days only: Friday - Sunday, October 11 - 13, 1pm - 7pm. '

I worked for 8 days at the site creating a new text, assembling objects / sculptures / materials along with creating 4 new sculptures, and 3 new sound works specifically for the exhibition.
For the remaining 5 days i devised and enacted performances, experimented with sound generation on site, produced photographs and video; alone and collaboratively, and invigilated the exhibition.

time creeps along
to sweep the dust behind the door
sluggish mind
unconsciously gripped
dragged-out terrors
to the puritan all things are impure
lighted rooms inside your head
through the shadow
through the dwellings
invade the borders
rapid rattle / right rhythms
the landscape breaks up
the enemy you killed
dimness of the kitchen
spoons on the floor
other words / a set of objects
thought otherwise
voice organ
voice cracked
a gaping void
mouth askew
lips barely moving
repeating the words
rubber tube
hold my tongue
in their capital
mind employed in discharge
mortgage religion
a world I never made
enclosed page(s)
a little piece of everything
much possessed
but not moments of disgust
mud sisters / beast with two backs
unseen, unborn, unknown
child of dirt / a master spirit, embalmed
explanations of things that never happened
penetrate the mirrored glass
reflection of the light
unsubstantial realms
burned into consciousness
his eyes fall out as you dissolve
find the holes
go out into darkness

photos by blue curry

photos by naddy sane

photos by hannah sommer

photos by blue curry